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Lee Florocorno, Journal 5 - Page 2

The latest page of Darkened Heart is now live: http://darkenedheart.sunkenlibrary.com/?p=101

Here we see the second half of Lee's journal entry from two weeks ago. In the future, I'll put split pages like this one back-to-back with the first page. I may even just double-post split pages like these, to avoid the disruption of a narrative that stops halfway through a page.
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This is a late update from Friday, sorry for the delay in posting it here.

Lee Florocorno, Journal 5

The scanner died halfway through the scan. I only have the first of two pages, cut off mid sentence. I’m trying to fix it, but you might have to wait a while for the last scan.
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I want to put yet another post out there about the Ground Zero Mosque issue. The controversy has been covered in detail elsewhere by people smarter than me. China Miéville and N.K. Jemisin, to name two. There's also this lovely supporting visual from Ghost of Mifune.

I won't get into the minutia of the "debate" on this one. If you want to read up on it, then please follow those links, and for the love of all that's holy please actually READ what's there. I'm not writing this to repeat what's been said.

I'm writing this to call out the Republican Party. Yes, if you're a republican, I'm calling your political party out on this one. You guys are dropping the ball, bigtime.

This is a textbook case of two fundamentally republican issues: State's Rights and Religious Freedom. This is other states telling New York how to run it's affairs, and this is non-Muslims telling Muslims where they can PRAY TO GOD. *

You can't write a better scenario for the mobilization of the Republican party. And what response do we get? Conservative republicans support the bigots, while moderate republicans turn a blind eye. Why? Because they're cowards.

Yes. Cowards. You heard me. They don't speak up about this because they're scared of losing votes. That's cowardice, and it makes me sad for the state of politics in the US. The Republican party should be going to war over this. It's not a liberal issue.

I just... Agh.


* - Fun factoid for the uninformed, do you know who gave the Koran to Mohammad? The Archangel Gabriel. Yes, the same one from the Bible. That guy. Allah is not a different god. If you've prayed recently, then you were praying to Allah, because Allah is another name for God. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.
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Artifact 1, the Jar

This is easily my favorite prop from Lee's box. It took quite a bit of work to put together, and came out absolutely fantastic. The intern may protest it's existence, but then again, he's not the sort to look at a prop like this and say "Oooh neat!" You can expect to see at least one more photo of the jar, this one doesn't really show off the prop's more horrific elements, and the 8 year old in me wants to gross some folk out.
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Back in June, I ran into a few computer problems. Fragmented hard drive? Nope. Bad ram? No, my problem's a bit more unique;

My computer sprang a leak:

We've reached crush depth!

My computer is submersion cooled. Which means that most of the main components are suspended in a vat of non-conductive mineral oil. The oil cools much more efficiently than air, and lets me cool everything with a single radiator and fan. It's quieter, more stable, and a teensy bit screaming fast.

But it means my computer has a circulatory system, with oil as it's life-blood. So you can imagine my reaction when I woke up to a slowly expanding puddle of mineral oil on my desk.

Read more... )
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Mr. Horne, Letter 2

I've been horrible about updating Darkened Heart info to this blog. I'm trying to improve though.

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I do a lot of modding and hacking on my weekends, but I hardly ever talk about it. I figured it's high time I got some of this stuff documented. Let's start with the weekend of May 29th. I needed a table router, and only had a freestanding unit. So I ordered a few parts. Modding and hacking below the fold )
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S. Horne, Letter 1
Welcome to the "behind the scenes" section of the site. The latest page from Lee's box is scanned and uploaded. If you have any out-of-character questions or comments regarding the Darkened Heart, please feel free to post them here.
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Dr. Florocorno, journal 2The Smithsonian’s document labs are some of the best in the nation. They date these pages to the end of the 19th century. Part of me wished I’d been reading phonies, but even the toxin levels in the ink check out.
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A lot of my writing has an accompanying sound track. Actually, a lot of my writing has accompanying soundtracks, interesting actors, beautiful sets, expensive costumes, and epic cg. I type, and things explode in slow motion, it's _awesome_. Well, it's awesome to me anyways. Gaiman is right again, no one can see the world inside my head.

So I keep my worlds the back of my brain, where they belong, but Mythica occupied enough brain-space that it constantly spills over. Every now and again, I have to vent a bit of it, or it'll flood surrounding ideas. Okay, fine, it's not what I'm supposed to be doing, but ideas have to be answered from time to time, wise or not.

That's why you get to know about Mythica's soundrtrack, aren't you lucky?Read more... )
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The latest page of Darkened Heart is now live.
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I love Mass Effect 2. I love it enough to think about it even after I'm done with it... Twice. In the modern world of media saturation, that says a lot about the lasting impact of the game on minds such as mine.

But for every bit of Mass Effect I adored, there's still one gigantic lingering issue to tie me down. Mass Effect 2's villains are kinda... Not evil. Kinda. Look, it's complicated. Follow along with my logic for a bit...Read more... )
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SOME of you are obligated by the societal overmind to buy me pretty things for my birthday. Me, I'm kinda chill about the whole thing, but if you're looking for something fast and easy, I'd suggest eBooks.

I can crack Kindle DRM. Heh Hehe Hahahahahaha! Hem. Sorry. I can crack Kindle DRM, so eBooks from Amazon are a fantastic idea. I can load them on any device under the sun, and I properly own what I'm given.

Here's my Amazon wishlist, which is still pretty accurate. A lot of the stuff on there is also available as ebooks, though I'll not turn my nose up at papery products or DVDs.

Some stuff from my Amazon wishlist that's available in e-format (in no order whatsoever):
The Apex Book of World SF
Cults, Conspiracies, and Secret Societies
Makers *
Elegy Beach
Occult America
Pandora's Star
Judas Unchained
Marooned in Realtime
The Peace War
Dragons Wild
Look to Windward
Overclocked: Stories of the Future Present *
Serenity Found: More Unauthorized Essays on Joss Whedon's Firefly Universe
Zoe's Tale
The Name of the Wind
The Mole People: Life in the Tunnels Beneath New York City

* Doctorow's books are not available for the Kindle, but if you buy a paper copy, I'll download the open eBook from Cory's site: http://craphound.com/makers/download/

If you're interested in wending further afield. Drive Through RPG has PDFs of the Dragonstar RPG supplements.

Or ya'know, whatever you feel like getting. Nothing's cool too, or wellwishes.
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1 - It's one of the best games I've ever played. Right up there with System Shock 2, Deus Ex, and Thief 2.

2 - I feel a little guilty about that, like I lose some kind of Indy cred for liking something so phenomenally popular. At least ME2 earned its vast popularity, unlike some cultural phenomena.

3 - They let you import a Mass Effect 1 save game. The decisions you made during ME1 then come back into play for ME2. Sometimes in big ways, sometimes small. You get emails from the people you saved, that's awesome.

4 - Though not as awesome as the intergalactic sci-fi spam. A Batarian businessman has millions of credits tied up by the Citadel Bureaucracy. If you could just help him with the transfer...

5 - One of your crew performed Gilbert and Sullivan as a youth. Ask nicely and he'll give you a rendition of "I am the very model of a scientist Salarian", it's one of the funniest moments of sci-fi I've ever seen.

6 - I don't understand why people keep saying that ME2 has invented it's own Genre. It's a Thinking Man's Shooter. Granted, the category is tiny, but most of the ground in ME2 was walked by Deus Ex and System Shock 2 first. ME2 walks it better, but it's still the same ground.

7 - I feel really weird admitting that this game is as good as Deus Ex. I didn't think that was physically possible. I'll get over it eventually.

8 - If you don't feed the fish in your captain's cabin, they die. They don't tell you this ahead of time, just figured I'd warn any would-be fish buyers.

9 - The endgame raises some interesting issues regarding Transhumanity, which is a favorite philosophical subject of mine. From a Transhumanist perspective, you're kind of the bad guy. I'll cover that in a more cogent post later.

10 - The voice actor for Female Sheppard (Sheppard is the main character's last name) is about six times more awesome than the voice actor for Male Sheppard. Just sayin', the game's better when you play as a girl.

That's all for now.
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The world is covered in white, I have no power in my appartment, I've retreated to my family's house and fortified my position. Watch for Jormungand and prepare for the coming of the frost giants.
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So, anyone out there have a month of free time they'd like to toss away?

Don't say no right away, it's for art.

I've been sitting on a draft manuscript while I wait for reviews from three beta-readers. These readers are amazing and fantastic human beings who's writing I deeply respect, but they're also very busy people who have a lot going on in their lives right now. All three of them won't be getting my book back to me for a number of months.

So I'm looking for another beta, because I'm a greedy and selfish author who covets the precious minutes of other people's lives. If you or someone you know is interested in poking holes in the plot and writing of an unedited modern fantasy, drop me a line.
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Starting today, I'm making some changes to how I deal with information on facebook. If you're curious as to why, please take a look at this article from Danny Sullivan about the most recent privacy changes.

In addition to locking down my settings, I'm also uninstalling all applications and ignoring requests for additional apps. I've always been a bit leery of Facebook apps, because you couldn't have granular control of their privacy settings. Now, you can't control it at all. If you're running an app, it basically has root on your account.

Sure hope you like sales calls on your cellphone. Prior buisness relationship? Why, facebook, of course.

I've never been a heavy facebook user, and this kind of shenanigans makes me tempted to ditch the service entirely. For now, I'm just going to lock it down, though I may change my mind later. You may want to take a long look at your settings as well.
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You know, like a murder of crows?

It took me a year to write, and another year to edit, but I finally have a draft of a book done. I don't really have much intelligent to say about it at this point, I'm somewhat exhausted from the whole experience.

I decided that NaNoWriMo would be my cutoff. I wanted (for no logical reason) to be finished with my draft before NaNo started. I missed my mark by three minutes. The last word hit screen at 12:03.

Good enough. I think I'll celebrate by yelling more ridiculous smack talk at my Scrivener window.
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So my first attempt at setting up my Dell Mini 9 met with dismal failure. My poor laptop is basically bricked at the moment.

Not the end of the world though. I'll make a second attempt tomorrow. Still, it's frustrating that an already doubtful install should encounter so much trouble.

I don't much *want* OS X on my Mini. I'm happy with my cusom Ubuntu. But I administer mac networks, and it'll be a lot easier.to do my job with all of apple's tools at my fingertips.

Plus, admin from the metro, how cool is that?
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I've been reading up on Racefail '09, a task both fascinating and deeply painful. I would strongly recommend these articles, and all associated linked articles, to everyone. I sincerely hope your reaction will not be nearly as personally wracking as mine.

Go read. It's worth your time. Not necessarily good or bad, but worth it. No seriously, this shit matters:

Mary Anne Mohanraj Gets You Up to Speed, Part I
Mary Anne Mohanraj Gets You Up to Speed, Part II
Taking One for the Team: K. Tempest Bradford

And that's all I'm going to say on the subject. The whole thing makes me angry, and it makes me tired. Every time I try to put voice to my place within this debate, it comes out as nothing more than wrath and venom and unbridled rage. I can hardly look at it. The words crush my heart in my chest and steal the breath from me. It's physically painful to read, even when it's right on point and absolutely correct.

So I won't. I can't come from a place of contribution. So I'm going to shut up and point you to the people who are contributing. If you really really really need to know my actual thoughts on the matter, you'll have to get me very drunk first. Good luck with that.


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