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A Japanese team has successfully constructed a working three dimensional imager which runs by super-heating air into plasma. Images and poorly machine-translated article here.

Unlike other three dimensional imaging systems, this device doesn't trick the eye into seeing 3D, but instead actually renders the image in real space. Obviously, the system still has dozens of flaws, monochrome, low res, and the "tiny explosions" which accompany every screen-refresh. Still, some pretty amazing work.
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I was surprised. Honestly surprised. In this day and age, saying "that's unacceptable" to anyone in the Bush Administration usually earns a reaction of mild amusement... Possibly snickering, if their position is even remotely close to strong. Well not this time. George C. Deutsch, the guy I griped about earlier? The one who was trying to get NASA to teach creationism? The one who deliberately gaged a NASA scientist's access to the media, so that he couldn't report on the overwhelming evidence of global warming? That guy?

He resigned.

Which is a very polite way of saying that he was fired. Turns out, he lied on his resume. He claimed a collage degree that he didn't possess. His resignation comes shortly before NASA plans to review it's policies regarding the distribution of information to the public. Reporters and bloggers involved with the case warn that he's only a bit player in a larger game, but NASA is none the less sending a very clear message with this "Resignation", and that message is music to my ears.
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This will be old news by the time anyone reads it. (Unfortunately for me, but fortunate because this information needs to be spread.) Hey kids, want to learn about science from NASA? TOO BAD! NASA can't talk about global warming or the Big Bang, the president said so.

Next up, fun with leaches and bloodletting.


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