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So, anyone out there have a month of free time they'd like to toss away?

Don't say no right away, it's for art.

I've been sitting on a draft manuscript while I wait for reviews from three beta-readers. These readers are amazing and fantastic human beings who's writing I deeply respect, but they're also very busy people who have a lot going on in their lives right now. All three of them won't be getting my book back to me for a number of months.

So I'm looking for another beta, because I'm a greedy and selfish author who covets the precious minutes of other people's lives. If you or someone you know is interested in poking holes in the plot and writing of an unedited modern fantasy, drop me a line.
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For those curious to revisit my half-built story, we'll be picking up where we left off. Following this post, the remaining posts will be filtered. You'll need to log in to see them, and you'll need to be in my Writing filter. If you'd rather be in/out of the filter, just put a comment on any of my entries.

If you want the full version instead of a synopsis, it's available under the Mythica tag in my LJ. A more convenient full-length recap will be available shortly.

Story thus far: behind cut, to save you from vast wall-o-text )
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I'm afraid we may be coming up on a slowdown in Mythica.

Scene 33 is the last complete scene I have on hand. I'm half done with scene 34, but it's obvious that I can't complete a scene-per-day of raw writing. If I can make it to the weekend, I may be able to build up a backlog. Still, I ran a count, and the complete plot has a whopping 64 scenes in it. Depending on how the weekend goes, I'll have to decide weather to slow down my release schedule.

I really appreciate everyones comments thus far. Posting this to LJ has helped my motivation and dragged me kicking and screaming through the muddy middle of my own work. I promise that you'll get to see this story end properly, and not just dangle in space. Right now, it's only a question of how much I can write, and on what schedule.
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Here's a link to my rules for these postings.
If you don't want to read these, just say the word and I'll remove you from the list.
Bach does a few things he may later regret.

Here's the scene. )


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