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As we all know, the United States is a place of many laws. Some of them are even enforced. One of the most frustrating unevenly enforced laws is the speed limit. From a pragmatic perspective, the speed limit on any given road is 10 miles over the actual posted limit, but even that is unevenly enforced. Some cars are pulled over for going only a few miles above the limit, others are ignored while doing 90 in a 65 zone. We've all thought that there must be a way to draw attention to this hypocrisy, well someone finally had the courage to actually put something together.

In what the creators call an unprecedented act of Civil Obedience, I give you: A Meditation on the Speed Limit

I've thought of doing this so many times it's frightening. The story's been picked up by a number of major news outlets, they've been on NPR, NBC, and ABC news shows. Apparently, they've struck a chord, a thought we've all had, that the speed-limit system is flawed.

Tech Bits

Nov. 9th, 2005 11:44 am
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The Mediatron: Thought up by Neil Stephenson, author of "The Diamond Age", given passing reference in the mildly-interesting Minority Report, and generally typical of our current vision of the future. The concept of the Mediatron, a cheap, disposable, and flexible display, is not exactly new. Now it's not exactly fiction. SIEMENS, the tech giant, has successfully manufactured a cheap, flexible, disposable display. It's expected to hit the market in 2007. The technological limitations have been eliminated, and now it's just a question of compacting the control circuitry and speeding the response times. This is both good and bad. On the one hand, picture unrolling your computer, or pulling a crumpled web browser from your pocket. On the other hand, picture every advertisement you've ever seen, only now, they're motion-sensitive FMV's. This is going to rock and suck, all at once.
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Some artists in Berlin put together an extremely odd art project, they combined a portable battery with a computer projector and a Mac Mini. They then crammed all of it into a suitcase and bolted industrial suction cups to the back. The project, dubbed "parasite" was then slapped onto the side of a Berlin subway car, where it projected strange and unusual images on the tunnel walls while the train was in motion. The projector threw up images of fish and sharks, root systems, fireflies, and other odd objects. The images make it appear as though the train is moving through some otherworldly environment.

More behind cut )
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I'll be showing the show, but I don't know for sure what I'll be showing it on. I swear, every time I fix something in this frelling projector, two more things break. Provided I can repair the lamp ballast, and provided it doesn't ark like crazy during use, we'll be good to go. Otherwise, my PC monitor will play tiny hires television for the night.

I want this car. I mean, who wouldn't? Someone who's never had to parallel park? Someone who's never had to gas up at a three dollar pump? Someone who's never had to entertain board friends while driving? Sadly, it's a concept, and will never see the light of day. I just hope that companies will start catering to my market: The pragmatic city driver. We want maneuverability, not horsepower. We want mileage, not acceleration. We want a car with a parallel park mode... Oh do we ever want a car with a parallel park mode.

Dark Matter, the concept never really sat well with me. A source of mass and gravitation which we couldn't detect, but makes up more than half the matter in the universe? Thanks to this article, I now know why it bugged me. Dark Matter is the new Aether, a substance which exists to justify discrepancies in scientific theory. (Light is a wave which travels through a vacuum, waves can't travel through nothing, so they must be traveling through Aether... That makes it one of the most common substances in existence, and totally undetectable through scientific means.) And now, just like Aether, Dark Matter is bunk.

More Science:
Quantum Physics in 49 Minutes. Show respect while the geeks represent.

Blogging Predicted by 19th Century Russian Prince He wrote Sci-Fi in his spare time, and presumed that text could be sent over telegraph wires with greater speed than it was in his day. He concluded that a network of automatic telegraphs would be created to connect distant households, and that houses would start to release weekly journals of their activities, health, philosophy, and other writings... Sound familiar?

Happy birthday Bro.
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I've been thinking about mobility a lot lately, about the costs, expenses, and advantages of owning an on-road vehicle. It's a tough thing to counterbalance the freedoms of ownership with the inexpense of public transport. Over time, I have evolved a set of sensibilities about my ideal vehicle. For your sanity, I've tossed them behind an LJ cut. )

In an ideal world, I'd find myself with the perfect blend of style and common sense. Alas, it does not exist. Instead, I leave you with some links, a kind of candy shop of the feet-forward Anime-style motorcycling world.

Suzuki G-Strider- This is the bike I want. Of course, as my personal favorite, it will never see production. It's a two year old concept bike, and while these things have a tendency to come back later as production models, it's pretty clear that this will never see the light of day. I could definitely do without the luxury features of this bike, but the frame and seating position are ideal.

Kaneda's Motorcycle Concept- I've slowly fallen in love with Kaneda's bike, and I'm not the only one. Others have taken quite a bit of time to compile links and information on the motorcycles of Akira's world.

The T-Rex- I love this design, a perfect compromise between a car and a motorcycle... Now if only it didn't cost both my arms and most of my left leg.

Honda Griffon- Now this is more like it. Highway cruising speeds, variable auto transmission, ABS... and it's only a concept bike.

Roue Autonome Motrice- I'm just full of concept bikes today aren't I? Another 2003 concept which will never see the light of day. A pity, as this darn thing is so terribly Anime it hurts.

Suzuki Burgman 650- Finally, something practical. Highway cruse speeds, variable transmission, ABS, feet forward. Not that bad looking, but compared to some of the other designs I've listed, it's just not that great.

Honda Big Ruckus- It's got plenty of features, and the best price of the lot... but it looks like ass. DAMN YOU HIGH LORDS OF ANIME! DAMN YOU! In desperate need of modding, but if I could cross breed this with one of the Akira kits, I might just have a winner.

Knowing my criterion, if anyone would like to suggest additional links or avenues of research,I'd be very grateful.


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