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Several people pointed out that trying to watch all 23 episodes in a single day was, well, silly. Instead, I'm breaking this up into two Saturdays, starting tomorrow and concluding next week. Tomorrow we'll be watching the first half of Season 2, 12 episodes. The showing will begin at 1 in the afternoon, and continue till about 10:30pm, much more sane.

Otherwise the plan is pretty-much the same.
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I discovered yesterday that my projector is on the fritz. (Bad bulb) This would seem to put the LOSTathon in danger, save that [livejournal.com profile] snikanor has nobally volunteered the use of his projector while I wait for new bulbs to arrive from my supplier. My supplier is slow, and it's unlikely that the bulbs will be here before Saturday, so [livejournal.com profile] snikanor's help is greatly appreciated.

Saturday looks to be the most logical day all around, thus Saturday is my current plan.

So here's the thing: There are 23 episodes in season 2, all about 47 minutes long. 23*47=1081 1081/60=18.016(repeating). That's 18 hours of LOST. Ouch. If we assume that people will be leaving around 10-11 in the evening, then the showing would start at 4am... Yeah. No. We have other choices. For example, we could let the showing run late, such as midnight or 2am. 2am hurts my brain, but could be done. Midnight isn't too bad, but still has the showing "start" at 6am. (No I don't actually expect people to show up at 6am) So what to do? We could cut out some episodes, or just start later in the season, or not watch the latest episodes... What do folks think?

Even if we manage to pair the length of raw footage down, I don't expect folks to sit in a dark room for 18 hours straight. I figure on setting things up so that it's easy for people to leave/enter when they want. There will be food and boardgames in the front room for folks who need a break from crazy LOST antics. I'm thinking on pizza for lunch and who-knows-what for dinner. If anyone has any food suggestions I'd certainly appreciate it.


May. 30th, 2006 03:55 pm
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I'm throwing up another episode tomorrow. Which is good, because we ended last week on an insane cliffhanger. I don't think we're going to get adventurous though, I plan to stick to a single episode.

This is mostly because I'm plotting a LOST-a-thon. On either Saturday or Sunday, depending on the opinions of those reading this. A complete recap of the season thus far, starting sometime in the morning and running till late. I plan on timing it so that LOST simply stays on until it's time for people to go. We can walk into and out of the room to get food (Pizza? Something cooked?) and converse.

So if you've been wondering why everyone obsesses about this show, here's your chance to catch a really big dose of it, and on a screen taller than you are, no less.
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Enough doom and gloom. Who wants television?

I'm not sure what I'm putting up tomorrow. More LOST? A movie? Something else entirely?
I am putting something up though, so drop on by if you feel like being mildly amused.
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Due to situations outside of my control, I need to cancel tomorrow's LOST gathering. I'm terribly sorry to dangle an invite in front of people and then yank it back, but I've been thrown a rather hefty curve ball, and I'm still reeling from the blow.

It is bad news, though hardly shattering. I'll type more on what's going on once I have a handle on it myself.

LOST again

Mar. 28th, 2006 03:26 pm
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Time to get back into the swing of things. I'll be running last week's episode of LOST on Wednesday, the door is open to any who'd like to attend.
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There was some hullabaloo last year, when Warner Brothers finally released Batman, the Animated Series on DVD. Contrary to expectations, they gave it a proper treatise, releasing complete seasons in chronological order, with proper extras. Here at last, we see a version of the series that's been designed and built for it's true core audience: Adults.

The DCAU (DC Animated Universe) has always been a strange foster-child of Warner Brothers. They never quite know what to do with it, who to sell it to, and who's actually paying attention to it. It took a huge online petition from the core fan-base to get the series released the way they wanted it to be released. The problem has always been inherent in any DCAU product: On the surface, they're Saturday morning cartoons. But beneath the surface, they're actually pretty good entertainment. They featured well-rounded characters and great dialog, and while the plots were often simple (as was needed in a half hour time slot) they respected their audience. Even the most lunatic of villains seemed to have depth and dimension. To date, the DCAU joker is the best iteration of the character ever created.

I was gleefully happy to see Batman: TAS on DVD. After all, I'd been raised on a steady diet of Batman. I watched the Adam West version back when I was to young to understand that it was humor. "Some days, you just can't get rid of a bomb!" is still a great catch phrase for frustrating and frantic situations. As I got older and lost interest in the sillier version, the DCAU came along to fill the gap. The myth of Batman affected my childhood in innumerable ways.

But these things were all from younger days, the hazy memories of childhood, grade school, and *shudder* middle school. These are not the Batman I truly remember, the Batman I remember is old, embittered, and brooding; Barking out commands from his cave as a younger protege caries on the fight.

The Batman I remember is Batman Beyond.

While technically part of the DCAU, Batman Beyond has always been a bit of an oddball, the black sheep of the flock. While other parts of the Universe got respectful releases in chronological order, I watched as my favorite series was tossed out on once-off theme disks. Of all the DCAU, this is the one that Warner Brothers was determined to sell to kids.

Thank the gods that someone finally changed their minds. I learned from [livejournal.com profile] katilyna yesterday that they've released the first season on DVD, in order mind you, and with proper commentary and extras. I've had most of Beyond on my computer for some time, TAS too for that matter...

but I think it's finally time to pay WB their due.
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I really think that LOST is going to be the last television show I watch. Frankly, I'm getting a little tired of the constant give/take between consumers and "Old Media". There's a lot of really good entertainment out there. Battlestar Galactica, which should be a favorite of mine, leaps to mind. I loved the original series, and I've heard incredibly positive things about the new version, but I just can't bring myself to invest in it. It takes too much money and time to really enjoy old media anymore. Single seasons of shows cost more than I can afford, and I despise advertisements too much to truly enjoy the broadcast versions of anything. (Not to mention that I'm not willing to shcedule my life around when a network decides to show something.)

The networks understand this too, which is why they fight so hard to limit the availability of non-broadcast entertainment. We've seen it time and again, people really hate ads, and advertisers really like people. They're like an annoying yapping dog, they don't yap out of spite, they yap out of love (and no matter how nice you are, you still want to kick them for it). The networks figured out long ago that people watch shows together, not by themselves. LOST is a social phenomenon as much as it is a drama. Americans can't get enough television because we can't get enough of each other. TV is a really convenient excuse to gather, to pay attention to a mutual interest, to be entertained... and I want that. Does anyone here watch LOST and not talk about it with their friends? The networks realized that a show is most valuable when it's topical. No one talks about shows from 1995 except those who've aready seen them. Geting people you know to watch an old movie or an obscure film is like pulling teeth. I know this, I'm part of the problem. So I endure the adverts and buy the DVD's...

but I'm tired of it. I'm tired of the constant barrage of "buy our crap!", and the equally constant barrage of "watch our not-so-crap!". I can't help but feel that there's some way to break the cycle, I just don't know what it is.


Mar. 6th, 2006 04:53 pm
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So here's the plan:

It looks like we'll be going back to a Wednesday schedule, but with a week delay between the "live" version and the one I'm playing. This is being done for a number of reasons, including the convenience of clashing scheduals. Why still stick with the iTunes version when it's just going to be played on wednesday anyways?

1) I hate commercials.
2) I hate commercials.
3) It can be played earlier in the day, rather than starting at the goofy hour of 9 pm.
4) It can be paused, rewound, or otherwise reconfigured to suit the whims of those attending.

We'll see how that goes. It looks as though the episode being played this Wednesday is another rerun, so it's not like we're missing out all that much.
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digg.com <- adage.com <- Here.

ABC has seen the light of the internet, they've realized that there's real profits to be made by releasing media online... So there going to offer more of their shows, for free, but with adds. They'll be doing it through an amorphously described "product" that they'll be releasing in May. This is not a good thing. )


Mar. 2nd, 2006 03:22 pm
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I've confirmation that this week's episode is new. I was good and didn't watch it.

At 8 tonight, the show will go up on iTunes, and I'll obediently plunk down my $2 to snag a DRMd copy. (Sorry, little mediabitterness showing through there.) So here's the question, when do people want to watch it? Friday seems to be inconvenient for the Wednesday crowd, and I'd really like folks to help me come up with a day to watch the show. If you've been showing up (or have been wanting to show up), weigh in, please.

I really enjoy hanging out with folks, I like finding a use for my monstrous little project, and while I tire of the corporate BS behind most media, I never tire of enduring it with others. So come on, give me an opportunity to entertain, I dare ya.


Feb. 6th, 2006 03:36 pm
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We love you McGuyver! After all this time, you were the very beginning of the cool geek movement.
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LOST tomorrow. There's always a LOST tomorrow. (Free popcorn to anyone who gets the reference.)

I've been disorganized. I know, it shocked me too. At this point, I'm getting a pretty good handle on acquiring LOST via iTunes, and I think it'd make sense to move LOST to Friday. So come this Friday, you can expect me to fire up the projector once again. We'll be watching two episodes, this week's and last week's. What's more, we'll be watching them commercial free, and they'll start whenever we want.

Hopefully, that little bonus will make up for the week and a half of dead silence on the subject.
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I'm going to skip LOST tomorrow for the sake of research. In the name of Science (and fewer commercials) I'm going to try downloading/installing iTunes, and downloading/converting LOST for play through the computer. At $2 per episode, I'm more than happy to do away with advertisements. The real question is, when do the episodes go online? If it's 24 hours after airdate, then I'd need to push the event back to Fridays, and that might not work for some folks.

If this particular tangent leaves anyone in the lurch, please let me know.


Dec. 28th, 2005 10:29 am
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I'm plotting the usual gather tonight. Probably Mythbusters, as LOST is still in repeats. (Did we hit the end of the season without being told or something?) I'm apparently spending the afternoon looking for replacement parts for a busted computer, but I should be back at my place before 7. Mythbusters starts at 9, and depending on energy levels we might watch LOST at 10, as it's the last of the re-cap.

A not of caution to the claustrophobic, Mythbusters this time is about being buried alive.
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Gah! I'm so disorganized.

It's Wednesday, LOST is on, standard invitation applies. There's absolutely no drama today, nothing special or unusual is happening. As a matter of fact, the projector is running better than normal, due to the new ballast and brighter bulbs. Night scenes (which LOST is often a little slaphappy to perform) should look particularly nice.

Drop on by, there's popcorn.


Nov. 30th, 2005 04:35 pm
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Wednesday, and that means LOST is on tonight. Though it's fairly unlikely to be on my projector, as I've managed to break yet another part of that pile of junk. Sometime last night, I managed to convert my current bulb ballast into an arc-welder, frying the contacts of every bulb it touches within a matter of minutes. I have a spare ballast, and one spare bulb, so I'm going to try and cobble together a working system before 9, but heavy modding and a bit of cussing will probably be involved.

With the breaking of this part, only the LCD and the focusing lens are from the initial incarnation of this project. I'd already ordered a new focusing lens in the hopes of setting up the projector as a long-throw device, leaving only the LCD. By the time I'm done, I'll probably replace that as well. I will have literally purchased every part in this rig twice.

On the one hand, I've learned a lot about optics and projection. On the other hand, all I ever wanted was a big screen (is that so wrong?). It's still cheaper than purchasing a commercial system, and I completely control the configuration. I can upgrade and maintain this device from here till judgment day, while many commercial solutions get relegated to the junk heap.

But at this point, I'm ready to trade all of that for a screen that works without trouble for at least one month.

Anyway. LOST, either on a big screen or a small one, my place, 9pm. 15 minute moment of silence at 7pm if you're interested in that as well.
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Happy Birthday, Sarah!

It's Tuesday, so it's time again to borrow a slot in your friend's page as free advertising for my personal benefit. LOST looks to be positively crowded tomorrow, with at least 3 extra people cramming into my little living room, but don't let that stop you. Join me as we pack the place for a LOST based geekstravaganza!

Sorry, I promise to never use that word again. The show starts at 9, but feel free to show up anytime, some free food is available, but you should probably lug along a bottle of your favorite soda. Directions available upon request. If I can recognize your face (or if you can convince me that I should) you're in.
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I extend once more the standard invitation (for all those whom I can recognize) to join me in watching of exceedingly obsessive science-fiction. The episode begins (as usual) at 9 p.m., but feel free to show up whenever you want. (I should mention, it's a new episode. At least, if those untrustworthy people over at ABC are to be believed.)
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Huge Projector Update behind cut. )
For those who don't want the massively multimedia experience, I'll skip to more immediate news.

Wednesday Night TV: LOST is airing a new episode, ominously titled "Abandoned", which picks up where we left off two weeks ago. My door is open to those who wish to attend, provided I'm able to recognize you.

<hint>This would be a good opportunity for some people to bring their leather coat that I'm supposed to be fixing.</hint>


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