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Projector image.I've finally something to show for all my mucking about with my projector. The image links to a Flickr photo set of the monstrosity in it's current state.

I'm looking for a way to make uploading photos simpler and easier. For now, I'm going to try my hand at flickr. It's not perfect (for example, I still need my webspace to upload a thumbnail) but it's faster than crafting my own photo galleries from scratch.

While I vastly prefer the flexibility of the RAW format, I may also  switch the camera over to JPG. That would drastically reduce the needed steps for uploading project logs.

Sometimes you want to take beautiful photos, but sometimes you just want a snapshot so you can say "Hey! Wires!". It's all hypothetical right now, but I'd like to get some more pictures up. It's so much easier to show what I'm building than it is to describe it through text or voice.
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Technically, it's old news, but I never posted it. Does something count as old news when you don't say anything about it? Anyways, Coat update... With picture! Behind cut. )
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What's the Project?
A full length leather Coat, based loosely on the first trenchcoat I ever wore. The Idea is to make it highly refined, with a lot of the innovations that conventional tailoring have brought to the table (and that I consequently tend to ignore). Hiding the stitching, adding functional pockets, designing it so that it can be "thrown on" in a few seconds, etc. Being constructed from deep brown reptile print leather, I'm planning to put in an extremely deep back split to give the whole thing a very Draconic feel.

What's the Current Status?
Most of the basic construction is finished. The buttons and button holes are done, etc. There are only a few things left to do: Pockets, finishing the cuffs, attaching the collar, and finishing the split/bottom hem. I also need to glue the stitches (an important step in waterproofing and finishing a good leather garment). Finally, I need to integrate the near-finished lining. I may be hitting up [livejournal.com profile] katilyna for help on that.

What's Holding it Up?
Several things, but mostly time. I have two extremely high priority jobs taking up all my time right now. (Being paid for them, and I can really use the money.) Once those are done, the coat becomes my prime project again.

The lack of a workspace cannot then be ignored. My dining room table is a mess, my workshop is a warzone, and I have nowhere left to get this thing finished. Once projects one and two are done, I clean, then I sew.

When Will We Hear More?
Next week? That may be asking too much, but we'll see how far I can get. I'd love to wear it to Nations on Monday, but that may simply be too early a date. Once I'm at least working on it again, I promise pictures. I know, I'm always promising pictures.


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