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1 - It's one of the best games I've ever played. Right up there with System Shock 2, Deus Ex, and Thief 2.

2 - I feel a little guilty about that, like I lose some kind of Indy cred for liking something so phenomenally popular. At least ME2 earned its vast popularity, unlike some cultural phenomena.

3 - They let you import a Mass Effect 1 save game. The decisions you made during ME1 then come back into play for ME2. Sometimes in big ways, sometimes small. You get emails from the people you saved, that's awesome.

4 - Though not as awesome as the intergalactic sci-fi spam. A Batarian businessman has millions of credits tied up by the Citadel Bureaucracy. If you could just help him with the transfer...

5 - One of your crew performed Gilbert and Sullivan as a youth. Ask nicely and he'll give you a rendition of "I am the very model of a scientist Salarian", it's one of the funniest moments of sci-fi I've ever seen.

6 - I don't understand why people keep saying that ME2 has invented it's own Genre. It's a Thinking Man's Shooter. Granted, the category is tiny, but most of the ground in ME2 was walked by Deus Ex and System Shock 2 first. ME2 walks it better, but it's still the same ground.

7 - I feel really weird admitting that this game is as good as Deus Ex. I didn't think that was physically possible. I'll get over it eventually.

8 - If you don't feed the fish in your captain's cabin, they die. They don't tell you this ahead of time, just figured I'd warn any would-be fish buyers.

9 - The endgame raises some interesting issues regarding Transhumanity, which is a favorite philosophical subject of mine. From a Transhumanist perspective, you're kind of the bad guy. I'll cover that in a more cogent post later.

10 - The voice actor for Female Sheppard (Sheppard is the main character's last name) is about six times more awesome than the voice actor for Male Sheppard. Just sayin', the game's better when you play as a girl.

That's all for now.
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People who've heard me babble long enough know that I'm a bit of a controller geek. My ideal 3d (first person shooter) controls are based around the number pad, the part of the keyboard I was originally trained to use. The only problem, the number pad is a poor controller. It has too few keys, and it takes your hand away from the main keyboard where many functions are often accessed.

As a result, most modern games are based around a "WASD" configuration, which uses those keys to move, and the surrounding keys as functions. The problem? I hate WASD. )
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I've been thinking about mobility a lot lately, about the costs, expenses, and advantages of owning an on-road vehicle. It's a tough thing to counterbalance the freedoms of ownership with the inexpense of public transport. Over time, I have evolved a set of sensibilities about my ideal vehicle. For your sanity, I've tossed them behind an LJ cut. )

In an ideal world, I'd find myself with the perfect blend of style and common sense. Alas, it does not exist. Instead, I leave you with some links, a kind of candy shop of the feet-forward Anime-style motorcycling world.

Suzuki G-Strider- This is the bike I want. Of course, as my personal favorite, it will never see production. It's a two year old concept bike, and while these things have a tendency to come back later as production models, it's pretty clear that this will never see the light of day. I could definitely do without the luxury features of this bike, but the frame and seating position are ideal.

Kaneda's Motorcycle Concept- I've slowly fallen in love with Kaneda's bike, and I'm not the only one. Others have taken quite a bit of time to compile links and information on the motorcycles of Akira's world.

The T-Rex- I love this design, a perfect compromise between a car and a motorcycle... Now if only it didn't cost both my arms and most of my left leg.

Honda Griffon- Now this is more like it. Highway cruising speeds, variable auto transmission, ABS... and it's only a concept bike.

Roue Autonome Motrice- I'm just full of concept bikes today aren't I? Another 2003 concept which will never see the light of day. A pity, as this darn thing is so terribly Anime it hurts.

Suzuki Burgman 650- Finally, something practical. Highway cruse speeds, variable transmission, ABS, feet forward. Not that bad looking, but compared to some of the other designs I've listed, it's just not that great.

Honda Big Ruckus- It's got plenty of features, and the best price of the lot... but it looks like ass. DAMN YOU HIGH LORDS OF ANIME! DAMN YOU! In desperate need of modding, but if I could cross breed this with one of the Akira kits, I might just have a winner.

Knowing my criterion, if anyone would like to suggest additional links or avenues of research,I'd be very grateful.


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