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Technically, it's old news, but I never posted it. Does something count as old news when you don't say anything about it? Anyways, Coat update... With picture! Behind cut. )
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What's the Project?
A full length leather Coat, based loosely on the first trenchcoat I ever wore. The Idea is to make it highly refined, with a lot of the innovations that conventional tailoring have brought to the table (and that I consequently tend to ignore). Hiding the stitching, adding functional pockets, designing it so that it can be "thrown on" in a few seconds, etc. Being constructed from deep brown reptile print leather, I'm planning to put in an extremely deep back split to give the whole thing a very Draconic feel.

What's the Current Status?
Most of the basic construction is finished. The buttons and button holes are done, etc. There are only a few things left to do: Pockets, finishing the cuffs, attaching the collar, and finishing the split/bottom hem. I also need to glue the stitches (an important step in waterproofing and finishing a good leather garment). Finally, I need to integrate the near-finished lining. I may be hitting up [livejournal.com profile] katilyna for help on that.

What's Holding it Up?
Several things, but mostly time. I have two extremely high priority jobs taking up all my time right now. (Being paid for them, and I can really use the money.) Once those are done, the coat becomes my prime project again.

The lack of a workspace cannot then be ignored. My dining room table is a mess, my workshop is a warzone, and I have nowhere left to get this thing finished. Once projects one and two are done, I clean, then I sew.

When Will We Hear More?
Next week? That may be asking too much, but we'll see how far I can get. I'd love to wear it to Nations on Monday, but that may simply be too early a date. Once I'm at least working on it again, I promise pictures. I know, I'm always promising pictures.


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